Timeline of Events

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1862: Original Homestead Act passed by Congress in 1862

1863: Big gold strike begins the habitation of Montana

1870: Battle Ridge named.

1878/1879: Samuel Maddox family arrives in Flathead Valley to check out area

1881: Maddox family of 12 travels across plains from Kansas to Montana Territory in prairie schooner

1884: Sedan’s original settlers, James Woosley & Samuel Maddox families arrive in East Flathead Valley by covered wagon via famous Bozeman Trail

1885: Medicine Lodge, Kansas flood claims lives of members of Samuel Maddox family

1891: Sedan Post Office established at the home of Joshua Woosley

1895: First Sedan School built near Josh Woosley home

1895 – 1896: First term of Sedan School District #38 runs September 1 – May 8

1897: James Woosley relinquishes position as Postmaster on July 19, 1897

Josh Woosley appointed Postmaster July 20, 1897 and serves until July 15, 1915

1898: Cornerstone laid for Sedan Methodist Church (March 9)

1899 – 1900: No dates listed for school term, Work started on new schoolhouse (1900)

1900 – 1901: Last term in first Sedan School building October 1 – March 7

1901 – 1902: First term second Sedan schoolhouse (Seat. 25 – March 10)

1902: Books acquired for Sedan School library

1905: East Flathead Telephone Co. established in Sedan area serving about 25

1910: Sedan Hall built around this time, Gold Mine in operation in Sedan area

1911: Residents of West Flathead Valley petition for, granted new school district (#66)

1914: The Cheese Factory built by the community.

1915: Sedan post office abandoned since a mail route was established from Wilsall

1918: Drought of 1918, Sedan Hall remodeled to house Cheese Factory

1919: Hard winter of 1919 in Shields River Valley, Many homesteaders go bankrupt

Sunnyside School District #63 designated on Muddy Creek

1920: Wheat sold for$1.82 per bushel, Homestead claims stopped in this area

1920’s: Sedan rodeos held – Ray Kannegard – rodeo announcer

1921: Sedan School acquires a school wagon, driven by Hurley Godwin

Residents vote in favor of East Fla ead School consolidating with Sedan April 16 Land purchased for 3rd Sedan Schoolhouse

1922: “Starve-Out Exodus” well under way

Third and final Sedan School house in operation

1929: Mountain States Telephone Company purchases East Flathead Telephone Co.

1930: Post office abandoned this year and Wilsall became the official mailing address.

1932-1933: Sunnyside School closes (1932), Wendall Francis buys building and moves it to his ranch

Extreme Depression – February 1, 1932 – March 1, 1933

1933-1935: Wesley & Myda Inabnit build a new store with living quarters in back

1936: The Cheese Factory closes due to lack of business

1939: Dial phones installed in Sedan area

1940’s: Sedan roads graveled

The CCC Boys built a reservoir in lower Frazier Lake

1946 -1948: Flathead Pass Rd. graveled thanks to E. Chriske, A Fastje, and A Wilson

Sedan School Bus route established (1948) Sacajawea 4-H Club organized (1948)

Adrian Inabnit hauls mail on pack horse to/from Sedan due to bad weather (1948)

1950 -1952: The Cheese Factory dances begin to dwindle as better (1950s)

Battle Ridge graveled (1952)

1954: Sedan School bus route now includes Chriske, Waddell, and Robinson kids.

1958: The Cheese Factory building is torn down

1959: Quake Lake Earthquake “rolled west to east” and is felt in Sedan

1960’s: Successful ranchers expand and buy land from smaller operators

School enrollment drops

1961: Sacajawea 4-H Club disbanded due to lack of members

1968: Sedan district votes to consolidate with Wilsall, Sedan bus circuit created

Sedan School closes after 73 years, bldg purchased by Sedan Community Club

1975: Woosley Cemetery established Nina (Hunter) Woosley, dies in January of 1975

1988: Second Sedan School building sold and moved

1989: Sedan Woman’s Club publishes cookbook, dedicated to Grace Blattie